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SensiBel Hearing Centers is an
authorized dealer for:


On-The-Ear (OTE) models:

State-of-the-art micro hearing instruments are small and feather-light, comfortable, 
and extremely quick to fit; a perfect solution for first-time wearers
. The ergonomic design,
combined with the extremely thin tubing, results in a uniquely satisfying cosmetic solution.
They disappear behind your ear and you forget you are wearing them – 
until your hear the astonishing difference they make.

microEleva     BTE      

In-The-Ear (ITE) models:

Aesthetically pleasing, they cover hearing losses from mild to medium. The smallest ITE-models are called CIC
(Completely-in-Canal), they can be worn completely in the canal and are therefore hardly visible.

Elvea Family


Valeo 11 (CIC)

Valeo 22 (Mini-Canal)

Valeo 23 AZ (Half Shell, ITC)

Valeo 33 Forte (Full Shell, ITE)

Magnum Ear Custom™


Mini-Canal (ITC)

Half Shell (ITC)

Full Shell (ITE)

Behind-The-Ear (BTE models):

Can be employed for all degrees of hearing losses and are particularly beneficial for severe hearing losses and
special requirements regarding hearing in difficult listening situations (FM systems etc.).

Phonak Savia                              


Hearing Protection:

Whether you're a musician, hunter, industrial worker or swimmer,
custom ear plugs protect your hearing
and prevent discomfort while continuing the activities you enjoy.

Musician's Filtered Earplug

Sonic Valve Earplug

Floatable Swim Earplpug

Musician Earplug Hunter's Earplug Industrial Earplug Swimmer's Earplug



Product / Service


Complete Audiologic Exam $68
Cerumen (Ear Wax) Removal $62
Digital Hearing Aid  $900-2800
Swim Plugs $35
Musician, Hunter, Industrial Earplugs $150-200

Financing available thru